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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Trip 2 City Mac

Today I' am in Traverse City, Michigan on vacation. Today we visted the City Mac Apple store because my mom wanted to get a car charger for the iPod Touch. There was Apple products lined up on the wall. Even the bathroom  looked like it was designed by Apple. There was also a meeting room with a big projecter showing every single app flash through a big square of them.

The only Apple product that wasn't there was the iPhone and that was probably because Apple again picked ATandT for the iPhone 4 and the service sucks!! But it was awesome to look at all the cool stuff like the iMac. My dad has a MacBookPro but he REALLY dosne't like me touching it. The iPad was BEAST!!! Even though i sucked at RealRacersHD. I didnt even go past the starting line.

Then we went out for fishing which was pretty fun. I mean we didn't catch much fish was still pretty fun. Now we're having some ham and hashbrown cassorle potatoes. DELICOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!